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Covid-19 has changed the cultural sector. It’s getting more and more difficult to fund projects. We got funds from the cultural departments of Upper Austria, Lower Austria and the City of Vienna. We are very grateful for their support but their financing options are very limited.
We try it this way to accomplish this project even on a lower scale and pay fair wages to a small team.

Therefore crowdfunding. Besides we like the idea that people who want to see this film make it actually possible. Our target is high but it would enable to pay for the sound and the editing process.
Maybe then we also could swap from unemployment benefit to a real income.

We really do think it is about time to contribute a whole movie to mothers, where we not only talk ABOUT mothers but also WITH mothers.
Therefore we want to realise our new documentary for cinemas where different mothers will be speaking about and reflecting on their motherhood. These talks will be the main focus of the film. From their stories we will learn some of the contemporary situation of being a mother in Austria.

It’s easy to explain why we want to make this film. We are to filmmakers and parents for seven years now. So it seems obvious that we want to convert this change of our lifetime into a film.
By now we met about 40 mothers and there are indeed quite a few more who want to talk about their motherhood. The willingness in participating in this film motivated us tremendously to make this film.

Your donation will provide the needs to put this project into practice and so you can watch this film.
Nevertheless if man, woman or other sex, with or without children, if a teenager or retired we all do have a mother somehow. Without mothers no society.
This film delivers insights into very personal thoughts of mothers and is intended to afford more space to this very important matter of our time and talk about motherhood.
Thanks to your support this will be possible! And we are very grateful!
If you want your name will be mentioned in the credits and on the website.
If you subscribe to our newsletter we will update you regulary about the process of this film.(subscribe here).
And we do believe in the slogan: „What goes around comes around!“

Mothers tell their stories in one-to-one conversations.
From young to old, living in a partnership or single, from Austria or somewhere else up to two mothers we want to portray a colorful picture to create a certain panoramic view without any claim to completeness.
The mothers’ talks will enter into dialogue and push the movie.
To frame these conversations visually and to divide them into different topics we will show various images such as children, actions, family portaits and some more mothers.
The trailer is showing how this film could look like and is made of already existing test recordings.


We are a small association and our original idea of a budget for „Mothers“ was 200.000€ to employ a small team for a period of time (directors, director of photography, sound engineer, editing assistant, sounddesigner, line producer …)
At the moment we do the whole lot ourselfs and mainly unpaid.
Due to the support of the smaller funding bodies we got 55.000€ with what we can cover the basic costs like camera, hard drives, sound mix and colour correction.
For comparison only:
In Austria the usual budget for a cinema documentary is 300.000 – 500.000€.

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